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BVP Services

  • We will provide design solutions within the precast concrete industry and will include but not limit ourselves to industrial, commercial, institutional and infrastructure sectors.
  • We can provide services for a lump sum fee, drafting, checking, design, project management and administration services.
  • Our advantage is that we are well known in the industry and will have the capacity and the contacts to provide a superior product for a competitive rate. We are also able to provide an engineering and drafting product with a highly experienced group of individuals.
  • Our group has the ability to do everything from parking structures, long span bridges, total precast buildings and large distribution centres to small underground utilities.

The Precast Market

  • Precast concrete is a product that provides quality, versatility, sustainability, strength, durability and lower lifetime costs, therefore it is utilized extensively throughout the construction industry. There are an endless variety of products for above-ground and underground construction. From the largest infrastructure project to the smallest architectural detail.
  • The precast concrete industry has had steady growth over the years especially with relation to infrastructure and warehouses. Less land for parking requires parking structures, which are traditionally precast concrete. Pre-stressed concrete products are essential for the design of long and short span bridges, heavy structural components, total precast residential / commercial buildings, correctional and food processing facilities.

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